Why Urbanflat ?

Real estate investment concerns making the right decision as it involves an enormous amount of money. In this era of booming technology and an economy that’s relative in the context, Urbanflat is the right choice for you when it comes to take a decision regarding property investment. At Urbanflat, we provide you with all your requirements and assist you in purchasing the dream flat of your choice. Beginning from optimising your search for properties, extending to assisting you at the location of the properties and finally enabling you to make the correct decision in purchasing your flat at 0% brokerage – that’s what we do at Urbanflat. We aid you in the entire process. Not only does our horizon end here, we provide direction in helping you apply for a home loan. We have interior designing integrated with our organisation. Hence, illuminating and decorating your house will be at ease, too. We are a HIRA registered company, so when you contact us, you are assured that it’s a genuine platform.

Once you buy a flat with us, we promise you won’t have anything to complain about, that’s our ethical stand. Visit our website http://urbanflatkolkata.com/ for any further queries.


Real Estate investing has always lagged stock market investing when it comes to data and analytics-driven decision making. Where stock market investors have had past performance trends and triggers impacting future performance, real estate investors have had to rely on driving by neighborhoods and tribal knowledge. Urbanflat Consulting changes all of that. We use Big Data to analyze neighborhoods and properties across the Kolkata.